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Below is a quick look at upcoming NMCDA events. For more detailed information about these events click here.

Supervising a Multigenerational Staff

  • Friday, September 20th 2013
         2pm - 5pm
  • ITT Technical Institute
         5100 Masthead NE
         Albuquerque, NM 87109

About Us

The Basics

The New Mexico Career Development Association (NMCDA) serves professional counselors and human development specialists employed in schools, colleges, rehabilitation agencies, corrections, mental health areas, private business, and private industry.

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Employment Assistance

NMCDA periodically conducts workshops on the Albuquerque hidden job market. As part of that program we provide lists of employers by occupation, and then discuss the best way to contact the hiring official. These customized list of employers can be made available between workshops on a request basis. Please contact Charles Lehman for further information.


Our Associates

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